EGO design studio is a Kerala based practice founded in 2009 by a group of creative minds who shared commonalities in varied fields.The office started of as an architectural design consultancy is now evolved into a socially relevent design practice involving in cultural and community projects in and around Kerala. It has a multidisciplinary team consisting of architects,artists,urban designers and planners. The office has won multiple awards for its projects at IIA State, IIA National,Foaid 2019, Glitz 2019, Trends 2019, JK AYA and many more for excellence in architecture.

Our work interprets architecture as a manifestation of the society in its basic form. We equally celebrate its flaws and positives. Every work aspires to be mirrors of its users and the context in which it exists. The studio doesnt follow a particular design expression in idea or form. Each project is attempted as a new one in its own user and spatial context.

We create a connection, the point at which you evoke emotion, leave a mark...